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The purpose of this engagement is to assist Exalta Health in exploring collaboration models for success.  This will include an emphasis on FQHC and Look-Alike site collaboration with multiple organizational partners which meets HRSA requirements, is mutually beneficially, and accommodates expansion in an underserved area(s).

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February 19, 2018

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March 16, 2018


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Consultant will research various FQHC collaborations and partnership models to discover best practices, lessons learned that can help Exalta Health Board and CEO make decisions on potential collaboration with an FQHC/Look-a-like. Phase 1 will result in a written assessment of different models of collaboration that would compare various pros/cons and other criteria/considerations. This may include items that are related to HRSA requirements/program, financial, operational, governance and cultural fit.

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The phase will require that a joint agency work committee is formed to help plan a retreat. The primary work will be done through group coaching calls with  Committee to clarify key questions and co-design facilitation agenda so that a retreat can be successful and well planned.

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