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We aim to make working with a CCHF Solutions consultant as easy as possible. We’ve tried to answer some of the most frequent questions that we get about our process. After a client’s initial inquiry, the project follows stages:

  • A consultant contacts you to go do a free phone assessment to understand your needs, timeline, and budget.

  • All parties approve a Project Agreement and the project starts. You can monitor your project’s progress and provide feedback throughout the scope of work on your CCHF Solutions Project Dashboard. You will have access to this even after your project ends.

  • The Director of CCHF Solutions will be on-call throughout the project and will follow up with an exit interview when everything is complete.

Everything in the assessment and contracting phase is free of charge (up to 10 hours of staff time). Each CCHF Solutions consultant has their own billable rate that is in-line with industry standards according to the type of project. We use a sliding scale fee that adjusts by the type and size of your health clinic or FQHC. Our goal is to serve mission-based clinics as well as established health centers.

That depends on your project. It may take three days or three months. We are sensitive to your needs and timelines and are committed to serving you. However, it is up to you to fulfill document requests, project milestones, and meetings on time, so that we can complete the work by the agreed upon date.

This is like a mock audit or trial site visit with your team. We ask that you contact CCHF Solutions no later than 3 months in advance of your scheduled HRSA site visit. Once you sign a contract, our consultants will begin collecting documents using secured on-line document management software. There will be a series of communications before the site visit by CCHF Solutions consultants. The site visit will last about two days and consultants will need access to a meeting room and all the documents. Typically, they will want to meet with some board members, select staff, and the executive management team. An exit interview will be given on site to provide immediate feedback. Within two weeks after the visit you will get a written report with detailed findings, recommendations, and best practices.

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